Welcome to real Mexican cantina

"Tequila-Boom..." cantina chains contain all over the world in such cities like Mexico, Acapulco, Cancun, Los Angeles. Mexican cantina "Tequila-Boom..." has opened for the first time in Russia in St.petersburg since 2002.

The history of our cantina dates back to the end of the XIX century, to the times when mass production of the legendary alcoholic drink called tequila began. One of the first cantinas to sell tequila was ours.The first cantina "Tequila-Boom..." opened in Mexico in 1873.

All the menu selections in our cantina are cooked from high quality and fresh products. Try real Mexican cuisine and you will admire it forever .

Every evening we have live music and on Fridays and Saturdays there is show program featuring the city's best musicians and Latin American dancers.