About us

We invite you to visit " TEQUILA-BOOM" - the finest Mexican restaurant in Russia! Our head chef will prepare  a delectable array of Mexican cuisine for you : Fajitas , Burrito, Gringa, flat cakes and steaks, while our barman will mix cocktails, such as Strawberry Margarita, Mexican flag , Mojito and Caipirina.

From noon to 4 p.m. monday to Friday a business launch is available at the restaurant.

Our waiters are excellent , speaking fluent English. A real alive Latin American serves you, will make you doubt if you are really in Saint-Petersburg or may be you are in Mexico or Acapulco. 

Our restaurant is ideal for Bussiness apoinments , Business lauch , Family dinner , Fun party , Happy Hanging around, Late dinner , Romance dates, Latin American dance party , nice weekends.

Book your Birthdays,Anniversaries,Private events,Company and Holiday parties with us.

The chain offer you rapid home delivery.

Our address :

Voznecensky prospect, 57/127. Tel : 3101534

Prospect prosvechenia, 42. Tel : 9943424

Komendanski prospect,11 Business centre "Miller Centre". Tel : 7401013

Prospect Kosmonatov, 14 Business centre " Raduga". Tel : 3366291

We will be pleased to see you .